I am a quintessential Anglophile:  someone who greatly admires England and Great Britain.  So I guess that means I have Anglophenia....

I love afternoon tea, BBC television, The Royal Monarchy, British history... really the list is endless.

Though I adore the charms of the great city of London, it is truly the British Countryside that has me spellbound.  It's thatch cottages, rolling hills, wildlife and quaint villages are the essence of Little British Cottage Co.

At Little British Cottage Co., I've curated collections of home decor and gifts of some of most well known, loved British Made brands and made them easily accessible to buyers in the United States - Hurrah!

We also have a number of gorgeous products from independent Artisans and Artists from both the U.K. and the U.S., representing a love for all things British, including our very own handmade bespoke products.

Whether you consider yourself an Anglophile or just someone who loves pretty country, cottage style, you're sure to find our little British shop the Bee's Knees!


Stacey, Founder and CEO, Little British Cottage Co.