Baby Owl Bird Art Print

Cynthia Crane

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Baby Owl, by Artist Cynthia Crane is fine art print of an original painting. 

5.5" x 5.5" image printed on 8 1/2" x 11" Velvet archival paper and inks to produce a beautiful print nearly as lovely as the original.  Packaged in a crystal clear cellophane envelope with sturdy white backer board.


About the Artist:

Cynthia Crane lives and works from a cozy little nest in a lovely valley of rolling green pastures and fruit orchards within the breathtakingly beautiful State of West Virginia. I spent my childhood playing in the hills and streams in this wonderful landscape. I believe my desire to create wildlife art and work with clay, and indeed my intense love of nature, was born out of those early days swinging from wild grapevine, hunting the elusive Pink Ladyslipper and sinking my toes in clay bottomed creeks.  Each watercolor painting and each piece of my ceramic art is fashioned by my hand alone and colored with inspiration from my gardens and the many species of birds and other wildlife that inhabit them.  

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